You Time

Over the holiday season make sure that you set aside some ‘You’ time to do the following…

  1. Reflect on 2013 and take note of a) what did you accomplish, b) what did you learn, c) what can you be grateful for?
  2. Review your VALUES – what matters most to you. Sometimes this can be what you would regret most if you lost it…
  3. Set goals for 2014 based on fulfilling your ‘values’ – write them down and refer to them through the year.
  4. Take some time to nurture relationships, yourself, your body and your soul.



Life’s Simple Pleasures

All to often we get caught up in the busy-ness of life. Running around from one errand to another, to do list in hand – you know the sort the one that somehow keeps getting longer despite the more tasks we accomplish. We cram more into our days, technology only adds to our workload rather than simplifying life. When did we get so caught up in the doing? When did we forget to take time out, stop and be still?

I was watching a group of children playing on the weekend and noticed how at only 7 years old they too were caught up in the doing and the need to be constantly entertained, the what can we do now? Except for one child who was sitting quietly, happily making up his own games, using up his imagination, drawing from nature and the things around him until he had developed a beautiful story which became a game he played with himself. The joy that exuded from him was a delight to behold, he was totally with himself, at ease, completely in the now.

I was reminded of the simple pleasure of enjoying your own company with no need to do anything or be anywhere. How often do we stop and enjoy just being us, the magic of who we are? In my opinion not often enough as we are distracted, stimulated, pressured, nagged by that to do list.

Try adding this to your to do list -time to be me, time to stop and just enjoy how amazing I feel to you list. Schedule a meeting into your day with the most important person in the World – YOU.
And take time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.