If you look up the definition of community what stands out for me is this line

a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common”

It is interesting, how we have taken what is so obviously a Universal all-encompassing meaning and used it to create division and separation based on geography, location, likes and dislikes, shared ideals and beliefs, culture, nationality, level of education, gender, age, social and educational background.

If we were to truly look at this definition and feel it in its wholeness we could never do what the above examples clearly demonstrate, which is to apply reductionism to break community into factions that keep us at arms length based on our small picture outer differences rather than our true commonalities.

For me when I read the definition of community and feel it from what I have lived before, my understanding of community is:

Group of people = Humanity
Living in the same place = Earth
Particular characteristic in common = we are Love, we are all Sons of God

So for me community goes beyond the people who I come into contact with or choose to spend and share time with. Community is all-inclusive and is based on the principles of Brotherhood, Oneness and Equality knowing we are one community living in the same place, sharing the same characteristics.


Birth Of A Woman

A few years ago a small group of Brisbane women inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon began meeting approximately every 6 weeks to talk about and raise awareness of women’s health.

These meetings commenced by exploring that despite advances in healthcare and preventive medicine, women’s health was actually worsening, with ever increasing cases of breast lumps, breast cancer, hormonal problems, fibroids, endometriosis, problem periods and fertility issues.

This initial discussion gave rise to an interesting but very exposing concept that women’s health issues may stem from the way we are choosing to live our lives, and how we are as women. But what did that mean, and what did it look like?

Over the following meetings the women started to share how busy our lives were, the pressures we felt to be everything to everyone, how we had become mothers and wives, how we took on more than we could manage, how we felt we had to be strong and tough and how we didn’t have time to care for ourselves as we were too consumed with caring for everyone else.

This paved the way for us to talk about self care, nurturing, our cycles and periods, role models, and so much more about the issues that surround women today.

These topics were shared with hesitation and reservation at first: it took time for some of the women to be comfortable opening up to one another out of fear of judgment or criticism. This, in and of itself, exposed how as women we have been in competition with one another, how we judge ourselves and each other, or carry lack of self worth or self loathing, and how we felt we didn’t fit the ideal of what a perfect woman should be, act, dress and look like.

Over the months that followed the group grew not only in numbers, but in trust, love and support for one another. As the women began to express openly and honestly, a beauty from within began to shine out from the women attending.

Little by little the women started to truly express themselves; this was reflected in the way they dressed, their hairstyles, the way they moved, but most of all by the look in their eyes… which seemed to sparkle with love and a deep tenderness that I had never experienced in such a large group.

I want to say thank you and express my appreciation to all the women in the group who have offered their voice and support and the space for us to be who we are, without reservation, judgment and criticism, or even advice or solutions. These women are strong, delicate, tender and compassionate, come from all walks of life and in many shapes and sizes. And yet they have come together, blossomed and allowed their beauty to shine from the love they feel deep within.

Over the years I feel I have witnessed what I can only describe as the ‘Birth of a Woman’ as I observe these women flourish, grow and allow themselves to be the true women that they are.

And now when I look – and I mean really look – at myself in the mirror, I see that love and deep tenderness in my own eyes. I see a delicate but strong woman gazing back at me… and I know that this is really me.

I Was A Closet Guitarist

2015-12-06 19.21.26

6 weeks ago I was a closet guitarist.

I grew up loving music, but was not what I would describe as musical, so rather than being a player I was a listener with 100’s of CD’s, music magazines and attendances at gigs seeing as many bands as I could muster.

I admit I was quite in love with the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and in my 20’s played guitar on and off, never progressing very far as I gave up in frustration at trying to teach myself from books and audio CD’s. With guitar lessons a few years later I had gotten the basics down and even passed a couple of music exams but would still have classed myself as a beginner.

Moving to Australia 16 years ago bringing my guitars with me, I never felt compelled to play them and rather than have them languishing in the corner collecting dust I sold them online. And that I believed was that; the end of my rock star aspirations . . . until recently that is.

My son is very musical and by age 6 was having piano and guitar lessons – and well that was it, seeing his enjoyment made me want to play again, so I started having guitar lessons two years ago.

After a 15-year break it was like being a beginner again, yes I remembered some chords and techniques but putting them together required patience and practice and being able to really tune in to my body.

What struck me was I could play the pieces quite well at home yet when it came time to play in my lesson I would be struck with anxiety and would mess it up playing below par, as I was painfully aware if feeling judged by my teacher. I swapped teachers soon after that and now have one who is very supportive and encouraging which has helped me let go of the need to be perfect and hence the anxiety.

Watching Michael Benhayon of Glorious music play has also inspired me. Michael is self-taught, playing in a way that is not about him being the star or wallowing in emotional angst, his music carries depth and meaning and the quality that comes with it that allows you to simply be who you are.

Anyway back to the start of this story . . . 6 weeks ago I was a closet guitarist. I had never played in front of anyone but my family and my teacher and the thought of playing for anyone else brought me out in a heart racing cold sweat. It was time to come out so I attended a local jam session held with a view to form bands that would put on a gig at the end of November.

Now bear in mind this was a huge leap of faith, as I have never played in a band, with other musicians or even standing up!

So I found myself in a bar with a music stage with over 25 complete strangers, who all looked as nervous as I was feeling. When I got chatting to them it was obvious they had way more experience than me and I must admit I was more than a little tense by this point and wondering what I’d let myself in for.

Randomly people formed ‘bands’ on stage, picking from the songbook to play a couple of numbers. The first band played really well and I was heading for the door, when I thought why not give it a go you’re here now. So when the time came around I took my turn and you know what the moment I stood on stage my nerves left and I felt very at ease. Although I didn’t know the songs and was making up some of the chords it sounded pretty good. As the evening panned out I ended up playing 3 sets and had an absolute hoot getting to know people and jamming together.

What followed was 4 intense weeks getting to know and play with my new band mates, learning 12 songs, which I taught myself with the help of YouTube and my music teacher, 4 weekly rehearsals of 2 hours in proper recording studios with a music coach and great support from the rest of my band and my family.

As the night of the big gig approached I would wake up in the middle of the night feeling sick and anxious, guitar chords running through my head and all the songs muddled up. Terrified I would mess up, freeze or let the band down, I simply reminded myself this was about getting out of my comfort zone and having some fun on the way.

The day of the gig arrives and I am like a cat on a hot tin roof, last minute practice, checking my strings, packing and repacking my kit several times. I could hardly eat and felt dreadful – what was I thinking? Too late to back out now!

When the time came to leave for the gig and I felt myself drop into my body as my nerves and anxiousness melted away, my whole being became calm and I felt totally at ease knowing this was exactly what I needed to be doing and that everything would be just perfect.

It’s our turn to play, I remember standing on stage, guitar on shoulder, bright lights shining in my eyes and a microphone in my face. Knowing I had the support of friends and family in the crowd I struck the first chord of the opening number, my guitar rang loud and clear through the amps and we rocked out our 45 minute set, hardly missing a beat and enjoying every moment of it.

In what seemed like a matter of minutes the crowd where cheering and asking for more and I couldn’t wait to do it all over again . . . No more closet guitarist for me . . .

As a teenager I would dream of playing guitar with my favourite bands and last night my dream came true when I was asked to come up on stage and jam along with Michael Benhayon and Road Gloria at the Universal Medicine end of year celebration in front of 100’s of my friends both in the building and on broadcast live via webcast all over the world. Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Thank God for Serge Benhayon



I was pondering lately what my life would be like now if it hadn’t been for a seemly random chain of events that brought me to Australia, then on to Brisbane and by some quirk of fate sitting wondering what the heck I was doing at a workshop held by a man named Serge Benhayon.

Up until this point in my life I was an outright cynic of anything remotely religious, New Age, non-scientific or totally mainstream, even a trip to a chiropractor or a massage therapist was way out there for me. So imagine my surprise when I started to be all consumed with finding my purpose and needing to find myself so to speak.

So there I was sitting in this hall on a hill perched over Byron Bay feeling terrified, panicked and sick to my stomach, questioning my sanity and wondering how on Earth I had got here. But contrary to what I was expecting, as I thought the workshop was going to be a lot of Oming, tree hugging and possibly yoghurt weaving, this ended up being a pivotal moment in my life that I consider to be a true turning point. This man in a few words and some gentle breaths opened up my eyes to everything I had been searching for in my life and more. What he presented and what I felt in the very core of my heart could irrefutably not be denied even though my mind was screaming, desperately trying to hold on to its configured way of being that it had been setting in place for the 34 years to have dominion of me and my body.

Since then even though my life has had its challenges and issues to face I have never really looked back as my physical and emotional wellbeing and the quality of my life has gone from good to great, to pinch me now it is so incredible I can’t believe its true status.

Now I must give myself some credit here and make something very clear. Serge Benhayon did not come and save me, give me enlightenment or a magic pill to swallow that suddenly blissed me out and made everything better. No, what he did was make me realise that I had made and could make choices, that I needed to be responsible for my thoughts and actions, that I had a body that needed to be treated gently and taken care of. That I had issues and unresolved hurts that I had not dealt with which were shaping everything in my life from my behaviours, perceptions, and relationships to in fact every interaction in my life.

So with that understanding I decided to heal my past, to move forward in a way that is more loving and open, and not be afraid to allow myself to feel, to be sensitive and aware of everything around me even the subtlest of energy. I took responsibility for how I was and what I had become but I never lost sight of the fact that I had been able to connect to in my heart, the fact that I come from God and am therefore divine, filled with love and an intelligence that goes far beyond our human realm.

So I can’t help wonder where I’d be now without the stars aligning the way they did … burnt out, given up, depressed, shut down, withdrawn, angry at the world, probably ill with thyroid issues or diabetes (most likely both), arthritic knees from pushing my body too hard and constant back and neck pain or even cancer. You may think I’m being melodramatic but I think not, as when I first met Serge I had all the warning signs of what was ahead of me if I didn’t change my lifestyle and deal with my stuff instead of finger-pointing, blaming and being a victim of circumstances that I thought were out of my control.

So I say thank God for Serge Benhayon and thank God to me, for despite all my misgivings, having said yes to being in the right place at the right time.

You Time

Over the holiday season make sure that you set aside some ‘You’ time to do the following…

  1. Reflect on 2013 and take note of a) what did you accomplish, b) what did you learn, c) what can you be grateful for?
  2. Review your VALUES – what matters most to you. Sometimes this can be what you would regret most if you lost it…
  3. Set goals for 2014 based on fulfilling your ‘values’ – write them down and refer to them through the year.
  4. Take some time to nurture relationships, yourself, your body and your soul.


Pictures Tell More Than A Thousand Words

I was flicking though some old photos of myself recently and after laughing at all my different hairstyles and hair colours, the fashions and my fluctuations in weight something quite profound struck me…… Even though I was smiling in the majority of the photos I wasn’t actually really smiling!!

My mouth was turning up at the corners yet my teeth where gritted together, my eyes appeared painfully sad and my body was held rigid and hard almost like a soldier standing to attention. The person in the picture could barely look at the camera and there was something about the pose that was aggressively defensive, if that makes sense. Like I was saying ~ “back off buddy, I don’t want you to see me for who I really am”, or “please don’t notice how sad and lost I feel inside”.

After this observation I dug out photos of when I was I a little girl, did I carry that sad look and defensive pose back then and if so could I pin point when it started?

There are not many pictures of me as a child, my family was not very well off and back then getting a roll of film developed was a luxurious expense.
There are a couple of pictures of me as a toddler and around about the age of 3-4. In these I can see a naturalness in the way my body holds itself and a loving tenderness in my eyes. Deep joy and a cheeky playfulness in my smile.

Pictures of me from around 6 through to 10 show a beginning of a shyness in my gaze and some tension in the way I hold my body, my mouth turns up in a smile but my eyes have a hint of sadness within them and not the cheeky joy of the younger me.

And well the shots from my teenage years show defiance, aggression and sadness all rolled into one even in the photos where I am being goofy and clowning around.

Then there are flashes of that cute little girl who’s smile and eyes beam with joy that appear when I didn’t realise I was being watched and captured by the cameras lens.

So where did that little girl who knew herself to be beautiful go and why did I try to hide her?

In a World that is difficult and tough and where love and gentleness are not celebrated as they ought to be a child learns to please and give their parents, teachers, friends and relatives what they think is required. We change our ways and alter who we are to fit in, be accepted, get the pat on the back or to simply disappear and blend into the background.

This not being who we are but being who we think we should be hurts as it goes against our innermost nature.

For me it meant my whole way of being became aggressive and driven but the sadness in my eyes clearly showed.

A couple of months ago I had a professional photographer come to my dental practice to do a shoot of my team and myself for the new Evolve website. Instead of it being a stuffy and formal affair with the photographer telling us where to stand, how to pose and so forth it was actually one of the most fun and enjoyable things I have experienced.

Everybody was able to relax and just be themselves very quickly and most shots were taken of us simply doing our thing, roll playing being at the dental office and working together.
I don’t think I have laughed so much in ages and forgot the camera was even there most of the time.

This energy of ease and fun along with the love, care and tenderness of my team and myself was beautifully captured in the proof photographs that came. As I looked through the shots I was deeply moved by the incredible work of the photographer but also by the beauty of the people (us) in the images I was seeing.

Then one photo stopped me dead in my tracks, I think I actually gasped…..
It is of a tender, loving, beautiful woman who is not smiling with her mouth but with her eyes and all her heart. Allowing you to see deep inside of her to the very essence of who she is, an essence that is pure love.

That beautiful woman is me.

And as I looked at myself looking back at me I wept with pure joy knowing that I no longer had to hide who I am that I had come home to myself.

Thank you to Serge Benhayon and all at Universal Medicine for allowing the real Rachel Hall to remember who she is and come out from behind her defensive walls.