And So This Is Christmas


And so this is Christmas and what have we done another year over and a new one just begun?

Life is a never ending continuing cycle and the past is not behind us but lived with us until we heal, change, grow, learn and evolve. Thinking that the strike of midnight on New Years Eve will alter anything is a falsehood of hope that allows us to live irresponsibly in the notion that things will be different. That how we lived the past 12 months, years or lives does not matter, that it is wiped away by the ticking of the clock. This is not the case – how often do situations, events or history have to repeat itself before we admit that unless we change things stay the same. Yes they may be dressed in different clothes, or played out in different relationships, with different people but in essence it is the same scenario over and over until we get it, evolve and alter our quality.

By all means set goals for next year, reflect on this one but get honest about what you need to heal, let go of and resolve otherwise 2017 will just be a repeat of 2016 with a slightly different flavour.


Fireworks Fizzle For New Year

Fireworks #1
(Photo credit: Camera Slayer)

The hotel we are staying at in Melbourne is right on the river at Southbank. So we decided we’d go to bed at 8pm and set the alarm for 11.45pm to see in the New Year . We woke and dressed and half walked half carried one tired 7-year-old down to the riverside to watch the fireworks as it would be his first time at a display.

I couldn’t help notice the anticipation that people felt as the seconds ticked down to midnight. Followed by the usual massive cheers, lots of kissing and hugging then 10 minutes of explosions and pretty lights. The fireworks were going off from all the high buildings surrounding us on both sides of the river. We were literally right in the middle of the display.

The excitement quickly turned to disappointment once the display was over and people started to continue on with the night or make their way home.

I felt this was very reflective of the way we live, how we put all our hopes and expectations on something outside of us to make a change to our life, only for the happiness and thrill to be short-lived and then realise it is all the same again which leaves us feeling empty and deflated.

Looking for something outside to fix, change or even save us is futile. Nothing will change unless we change inside. To keep repeating the same thing expecting different results is the definition of insanity (thank you Einstein).

If you want your life to change and truly be different then look within, seek the answers inside yourself for you are more amazing and full of joy and love than you can ever imagine.

You Time

Over the holiday season make sure that you set aside some ‘You’ time to do the following…

  1. Reflect on 2013 and take note of a) what did you accomplish, b) what did you learn, c) what can you be grateful for?
  2. Review your VALUES – what matters most to you. Sometimes this can be what you would regret most if you lost it…
  3. Set goals for 2014 based on fulfilling your ‘values’ – write them down and refer to them through the year.
  4. Take some time to nurture relationships, yourself, your body and your soul.


Reflecting On The Year So Far

Sorry to sound cliched but wow has the time gone fast! It seems only a couple of weeks ago that it was Christmas and we were talking about our resolutions for the New Year. Then all of sudden Easter has been and gone and we are a third of the way through the allotted 12 months of 2013 and those resolutions have often long since been forgotten.

Recently I had the pleasure of spending time with many of my friends from overseas on a retreat when one lady asked me how my wishes for the year were going. This made me stop and reflect that now was a good time to reassess and refine my choices.

So I took the time to return to my list and make some observations:

Tone my body and build some muscles backbeen gently working out at home and having more protein, my body is feeling stronger and leaner. There is quite a way to go yet but I am in not hurry as there is no need to push or drive my body to be or look at certain way.

Join a gym and perhaps go more than oncenot happened yet as I could feel my body was not ready for such exertion and actually needed recuperating and rebuilding after a very intense period of my life.

Spend more quality time with my familybig tick in this box, we schedule family weekends in our diary now and do not plan anything else for these days, in fact we fit our social life around these dates rather than trying to squeeze a free weekend in between everything else. Family weekends do not involve rushing here, there and everywhere but taking time to share meals, cook together, go for walks, chat, play, watch DVDs and enjoy one another’s company.

Become a better boss, lead by example and mentor morehave shown improvement in this area with more staff training and taking time to support my team where they need it rather than trying to micromanage and control the way they work. I want to bring out their skills, let them shine and have input to the way we work.

Say what I’m feeling rather than expecting people to read my mindexpressing and communicating what is there to be said at the time it needs to be said rather than bottling it up and getting frustrated. This process becomes easier and more natural the more I allow it. I may not always get it right but at least I know that and can learn from my mistakes. It is actually very freeing to say what I’m feeling and I notice the more I do it the more others are open to hearing what I have to say and how they feel comfortable to express themselves as well.

Nurture myselfthis is now something I apply in everything I do, from my posture to the clothes I wear, how I prepare for my day, my meals, hot baths with Epsom salts and lavender, learning to start from love and put that love into all that I do; rather than doing things so then I can stop and be love once they are completed. There is always room to go deeper with this.

Work on eating only when I am truly hungrynow this has been interesting as in hindsight I am going to re imprint this one to be “feel when I need to eat and what is needed to support my body”. I have realised that sometimes I don’t feel hungry and therefore I didn’t eat. But had I felt what was needed then I would have seen that my body was actually very depleted and in need of rebuilding and thus I needed to be eating more and more simply. I had fallen in a to a mentality that if my tummy wasn’t grumbling I didn’t need to eat when in reality my body needed more support to withstand the pressures I had been working and living under. So now I am having more protein, supporting my body with additional minerals and supplements and drinking much more water.

Be deeply caring of myself and othersthis falls under a similar umbrella to being nurturing but with being caring comes a deeper understanding and clarity about myself and other people

Work smarterthis has been interesting, by managing my time wisely, nurturing and caring for myself I have more energy and focus which allows me to work in a rhythm with my body. In this way I understand what is a priority and what can wait instead of trying to get it all done in one go.

Do more writing if you have been following this blog it may appear that I have been doing less writing, however I have been writing copious amounts for my dental blog, talks and other projects which I felt needed my attention

Start podcastsI bought a microphone and have some ideas but haven’t actually got this off the ground yet – that’s fine there are 7 more months left in this year!

Relax, take things slower, pause for breath and savour the momenta very important part of developing a rhythm with myself has been to stop and smell the roses and boy oh boy they smell sweet! I find when I am in the moment my body and breathing naturally relax and find their own rhythm leaving me feeling full of energy and ready for the next thing that comes my way.

Make new connections and cherish the ones I already haveI have deeply enjoyed sharing more time with friends and family and building new relationships. By meeting new people I get to learn about myself, deal with any issues that come up and evolve as a human being.

Accept myself for who I am despite my faults and flawslovely to see that I am beautiful, precious and gorgeous and actually very amazing – and so are you!

Marvel at the amazingness of the untapped potential that lies deep inside us all just waiting to burst out.magic is all around us we simply have to take the time to acknowledge it, appreciate it and let the magic that is within us come out.

Have lots of fun along the way! – haven’t laughed so much in ages, playfulness and silliness is quite contagious.

How have your New Years resolutions played out and what have you learnt about yourself along the way? I would love to hear about it.