Resolving and Reflecting for The New Year

The New Year is rapidly approaching and like many of you at this time I was sat recently contemplating what I’d like to achieve or change in my life.

The past 6 months have been particularly challenging in many ways but out of adversity has come numerous positives. I have a renewed passion and direction for my business, have unveiled hidden skills that I never knew I had and am branching out into new avenues and ventures.

New people have come into my life who have touched my heart with their generosity, commitment and humour and old friends have stood with me every step of the way.
I have become even closer to my partner and my son and have learnt how strong and resilient I am, no matter what.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my family and my friends for their enormous support in what could have been a very difficult time. Your love keeps me strong.

In reflection I can see how much I have to be grateful for and have really come to appreciate what life has to offer – the simple smile of stranger as we pass in the street, a flower coming into bloom, clouds in the sky, a sunset, butterflies, the laughter of children, real friends and the wonder of human life and all the steps we take to find our purpose and know who we are.

I have no resolutions as such for my year to come other than to build on the foundations of love, trust, truth and friendship that I am always developing in my heart.

So instead of resolutions here are my wishes for 2013

Tone my body and build some muscles back
Join a gym and perhaps go more than once
Spend more quality time with my family
Become a better boss, lead by example and mentor more
Say what I’m feeling rather than expecting people to read my mind
Nurture myself
Work on eating only when I am truly hungry
Be deeply caring of myself and others
Work smarter
Do more writing
Start podcasts
Relax, take things slower, pause for breath and savour the moment
Make new connections and cherish the ones I already have
Accept myself for who I am despite my faults and flaws
Marvel at the amazingness of the untapped potential that lies deep inside us all just waiting to burst out.

Oh and of course, mustn’t forget this one – have lots of fun along the way!

Whatever your wishes, dreams, hopes and resolutions for the future; here’s to a year full of wonder, love, beauty, friendship and magic for you all.

Wishing it Could Be Christmas Everyday

Christmas is such a special time of year, families and people come together; sharing time, food, gifts and each other. Strangers wish each other Merry Christmas when they pass in the street or the shops. People feel more open, connected and generally more upbeat. There is a tangible sense of optimism and also relief at having made it through the year as now we can take a break, let off some steam and celebrate the holidays.

Christmas is the season of joy, love and goodwill to all men.

However, the qualities of Christmas and the essence of it will not be found in the boxes and gifts under the tree, in the parties we throw or the food and drink we consume but in the love that we put into those things.

The essence of Christmas is found in the heart shaped box in the centre of your chest and the biggest gift you could give this year would be to unwrap it and allow the joy, love and goodwill that is naturally there to be shared and celebrated not just on Christmas Day but everyday.

The Funny Thing About Truth

The funny thing about truth is it is not something we can be taught or something we can learn. The funny thing about truth is we can only know it.

Truth Is not what we think but what we feel.

Truth is not based on what others think or what we are told. Truth is a knowing within us. It is not about believing, proving or refuting, although sometimes it may feel like that is required.

I still cannot say I could prove anything with words or explanation, but I know how truth feels and this feeling has guided most of my life. This feeling is something I am willing to trust and standby.

I also know how it feels when I intentionally do not want to be guided by truth and choose otherwise. I can tell you right now it doesn’t feel nice and usually leaves me in a sticky situation.

Truth for me is something I learn through life experience itself. Truth for me is the same as love – something solid, reliable, known and felt in my heart.

Apocalypse Now Here’s a Revelation!

So the World didn’t go up in a puff of smoke, explode, disintegrate or end on December 21st 2012 as hyped and predicted by those in the so called know.
Oh stupid Mayans, how could they get it so wrong? So much for being some sort of super intelligent civilisation who could predict the future. We are still here, very much alive and going about business as usual.

Contemplate for one moment though that the Mayans were actually very accurate with their prediction and perhaps the reason the World didn’t end is not because they Mayans got it wrong but because we have reinterpreted what the Mayans meant by the word “apocalypse”.

Time for some linguistics and word derivations:
Apocalypse comes from the Greek apocálypsis, meaning uncovering or literally – disclosure of knowledge that was hidden from humanity in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception. This is also termed lifting of the veil or revelation.
Thus simply put Apocalypse means Revelation or Enlightenment.

The Ancient Civilisations possessed enormous knowledge, wisdom and powers. Its irrefutable, just take a look at the pyramids and ancient superstructures and explain how they were constructed with only simple tools and manpower alone. But I digress….

It was known by the ancients that this power could be misused and cause great harm to mankind. And so the wisdom was passed down to a select few via hidden meanings in ancient texts and religious scriptures. This scared knowledge was possessed by the likes of Galileo, Da Vinci, Newton and many many more; but was kept hidden from society under a code of silence and the use of symbolism and metaphors that only a mind and heart capable of aligning to the wisdom could unravel and understand.

The ‘End of the world’ or apocalypse, literally means to uncover or to reveal that which is hidden and is a metaphor used by the Ancients to symbolise the end of the darkness.

Every religion mentions the End of Time and the coming of a New Era, bringing with it a period of enlightenment where mankind would come to immense knowledge and wisdom. An Era when the veils would be lifted and we would realise that there is so much more to us than this physical form.

The Mayans weren’t telling us the World would end, they were predicting the end of the darkness and the beginning of a new way for humanity.
But it is WE who have failed to grasp the real meaning of the predictions as throughout history words have been bastardised to keep us from their real meaning, not by those who possessed the wisdom but those who did not want us to have it.

Obviously the predicted upheaval and destruction of the Earth was a damp squib, a none event and will be seen by many as media hype and somewhat of a joke as our interpretation of events was misguided. And once again many in humanity will miss the truth of what could be.

Yet we have lived to see a new dawn.
And now the question is will we live to see a new way, a way that allows us to see who we really are, a way that fosters our inner wisdom, a way that embraces the New Era of Light as predicted by the great wisdom of the Ancients, a wisdom that comes from the heart, a wisdom that resides equally in everyone.

The End of the World as We Know It

OK so it’s December 21st 2012 or so called Doomsday. The Apocalypse is coming…… Or is it? According to the people who have tried to interpret the Mayan calendar the World is supposed to end sometime today. Well it’s early morning (around 3am) here in Australia and so far so good. Am I worried, have I got my survival kit to hand just in case? Erm to be frank, NO. I’m that confident that the end of the World is not nigh I even have a hair appointment booked this evening.

What if, what the Mayan’s predicted wasn’t the end of the World but the end of the World as WE know it? What if they were talking the end of an Era, a shift in energy, the end of one cycle and the start of another?
It is highly possible as astrologically every 2,600 years or so the Earth shifts its position in the cosmos entering a new zodiacal sign. Now, to clarify, I’m not talking horoscopes here, I’m discussing astronomy and the position of the Earth in relationship to the stars and other planets.

It is my understanding that the Earth has moved into Aquarius, the carrier of water. In many cultures, both ancient and modern, water symbolises consciousness. It is my feeling that what the Mayan’s showed with their calendar ending today is a prediction for a shift in energy, consciousness and a new way of being for humanity, should we choose it.

A shift that focuses on living from the heart and our inner feelings not only the intellect. A shift that embraces Love as our natural way of being. A shift that embraces all humans as equal, as one.

A shift that reawakens us to know that we are truly GLORY-ous.

If THAT is the End of the World …… then bring IT on!