Discover Your Home

This is from a book of teachings that I like to read regularly. I felt it followed on nicely from my last post so I would like to share it with you here.

If you surrender to your heart
You will find the esoteric connection
Which binds us all as one.
Here you will discover the home
You have walked a thousand paths to find.
Serge Benhayon


Life Is A Journey

Life is a journey, a journey back to self,
a return to what is already known.
There is nothing to learn but lots to remember,
awaken that which is within and unfold. ~ RH

The True Strength of A Woman

I have been considering what type of female role models I grew up with and how that shaped my life growing up.

I realised that nearly all the women around me when I was a girl appeared to be weak, pathetic, needy and subservient and dependent upon their husbands. I saw that as a girl and decided I didn’t want to grow up to be a woman if that was what being a woman meant.

So in reaction to that, I carved out a life so I would be strong and tough, independent successful, have a career and not need to rely on anyone for support. I also decided from a young age that I didn’t want to have kids or get married as it would mean doing everything for your family, putting yourself last and giving up on your dreams.

I became very hard and driven, cold, aloof, aggressive and more “male” in my ways and in fact lost the gentle, soft, tender and naturally caring little girl I was.

What kind of role model for girls and women had I become?

Through the work of Universal Medicine and its esoteric modalities for women and Natalie Benhayon’s women’s groups I now understand that my role models were women choosing to be like the women they had grown up with and to make the best of what society had to offer them, as back then a woman’s place was in the home. The perceived neediness and weaknesses I witnessed as a child were not really who or what a woman is.

A true woman is actually incredibly strong and powerful but this comes from being gentle, fragile, nurturing and feminine, and from the woman connecting to her body and listening to the messages it is constantly sending.

By listening to my own body I have been able to reconnect to that tender, sweet, gentle little girl that I was and allow her to start to blossom into a woman – a woman who is strong and powerful not by being hard or aggressive but from her being who she naturally is.

Imagine what kind of role models we could be if we let the real woman shine in all her strength, fragility, love and glory.

April Fool

13 years ago today I landed in a hot and humid town in Central Queensland having left my home, friends and family behind in the UK to start a new life.

Moving to Brisbane was like coming home, I have made fantastic friends, met wonderful people and been able to start my own business and a family. I have got to know who I am and feel like I am really living.

Everyone joked about us arriving on April Fools day but I know there was nothing foolish about following my heart and moving to Oz…. For here I have found my home, found myself and found the love of friends and family and the love that I have for myself and for humanity.

When your heart calls you, listen for you never known it could just be the best thing you ever do. No fooling!