Keep A Steady Heart

“When people speak badly about you, you should respond in this way:
Keep a steady heart and do not reply with harsh words. Practice letting go of resentment, and accept that another’s hostility is the spur to your understanding. Be kind, adopt a generous standpoint, treat your enemy as a friend, and suffuse your world with affectionate thoughts, far-reaching and widespread, limitless and free from hate.” ~ Buddha


Dr Rachel Hall Speaks

Dr. Rachel Hall, BChD

Dr. Rachel Hall, BChD 17th February 2013 (55 mins)

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Rachel’s dental practice is located in Kenmore, a suburb of Brisbane. In this interview we find out how to care for our teeth from gentle brushing techniques to our diet. We also discuss the more controversial dental topics like amalgam removal, fluoride and root canals. As the principal of her dental practice, we also get a glimpse into her role as a business owner, including how and why she is going green in her office. To find out more about her practice in Brisbane, check out her website at Evolve Dental.

Rachel is also an active writer so you can find out more about her and her philosophy at her personal blog Musing from a Student of Life.

Dr. Hall has contributed numerous articles on dental health and general well being on the eEzines website. Just put her name in the search box on this site.

And for you food lovers check out her recipes on the Heal Yourself with Food blog. All the recipes on this site are yummy but to find Rachel’s, put her name in the search field.


Energy and Wellbeing

Many of the patients I see in my practice have chronic illnesses, depression, insomnia, and autoimmune conditions or simply have busy/stressful lifestyles or are low in energy and vitality. Often my patients ask how they can improve the way they feel and my answer usually consists of the common sense approach to take good care of yourself, eat fresh unprocessed foods, drink plenty of fluids, get a good nights sleep and remove/reduce stress and environmental toxins etc.

However, if the key to wellness were so simple we would either never get ill in the first place or would be able to recover quickly and fully when we did.

What makes one person more susceptible to illness and disease than another? Why is it that despite our efforts to have a so-called healthy lifestyle illness and disease is increasing at an alarming rate?

One feasible answer to these questions is that it must be genetic that there is a component in the DNA, which gets triggered causing us to develop certain health conditions.

The other answer to consider is that there is an energetic component influencing our cells and hence our genes and DNA.

In 1905 Albert Einstein published his theory of relativity in which he explained and basically proved that everything is energy. Previously physicists believed that everything was made up of two separate elements, matter and energy, which meant that the human mind (energy) was separate from the human body (matter). Einstein turned this idea of separativeness on its head, E = mc2 proved that everything is energy. Therefore a dualistic world of matter and energy only seems to exist as objects have different rates of vibration. The denser an object is the slower its rate of energetic vibration and vice versa.

Einstein also insisted energy cannot be created or destroyed it can only be changed or transmuted from one form to another. Energy is constantly changing, moving and transforming from one form of energy to another but the amount of energy always remains the same.

Quantum physics and science has ultimately discovered that the universe consists of something beyond the realm of matter and that something is the realm of pure energy.
Thus as everything is energy you are made of energy, your body is made energy and even your emotions and thoughts are fast vibrating forms of energy.

It is yet to be proven that disease is caused by energetic disturbances stored within the cells of the body. The energetic disturbance can be emotional or mental in origin or both and causes either a stagnation (blockage) or an excess (over stimulation) of energy flow in the body. It is the stagnation or excess of energy that ultimately manifests as a disease in the physical body.

Any form of emotional suffering or longing becomes trapped within the cells impeding normal energy flow. These emotions can be due external causes such as negative childhood experiences or inner issues like lack of self esteem and so on. These issues are the result of life experiences from early childhood to the present, and if you are open to the possibility of reincarnation, even past life experiences. If these ‘issues’ and ‘emotional patterns’ are not cleared from the body they lead to stagnation or excess of energy flow and manifest as disease.

Thus it is our energetic state, which will dictate whether we have harmony, health and vitality, or not.

To modify or transform our energetic state it is not enough to simply alter, suppress or arrest our emotional patterns. After all if you have anger and you choose to swallow it down, hide it and appear ‘soft’ rather than react with an explosive outburst the anger is still there, it is only your outer expression that is different. The hidden anger creates a stagnation whereas the explosion creates an excess of energy. It is the emotion itself, which needs to be cleared and removed from the body. And to do this we need to start living in a way that allows us to honestly look at and deal with our issues and emotional patterns.

Let Life Be

Trying to help people by being in reaction or in sympathy to their situation doesn’t truly help. All that happens is it feeds their excuses for the choices they are making at our own expense as we become drained and emotional instead of providing a reflection of love.

Observe and let life be.