Universal Medicine Retreat Vietnam

March 2016 and I find myself in Vietnam for another consecutive year attending the Universal Medicine Retreat hosted by Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon. This retreat is a 5 day gift that I receive every year along with around 200 students of The Ancient Wisdom.

Now when most of us think about health retreats we have images of hours of yoga, meditations, clean food, massage and spas – well at least I did anyway. However, the retreats by Universal Medicine turn this concept on their head. These retreats are designed to deepen our understanding of who we are and our place not only in life but the whole grand scheme of things in the Universe. Through presentations and workshops which are both challenging, exposing and at the same time enlightening we get to explore the hinderances and games that we play to not live in full knowing that we are more than flesh and blood and come from Divinity.

The days start at 5am through to 6.30pm and are punctuated by the most delicious food served overlooking the resort gardens, pool and river, time for walks and esoteric yoga twice a day – which is not all standing on your head, poses or strange breathing exercises but a time to connect to the body and the quality we have within.

Serge Benhayon holds no punches during these retreats where he presents how he lives and his deep wisdom and connection to the intelligence of the Universe – so as to reawaken us to the fact that we too are Divine beings living in a way where we have forgotten and repressed who we are to fit in to a societal norm that is anything but normal to the way we are to truly be.

These retreats are transformational and life changing in a way that grows and develops by ones own commitment to self develop, explore and put into place a Way of Livingness that supports you to be more deeply connected to and able to live who you are.

So why many of my friends ask do I keep coming back year after year? Well the answer to that is there is a deeper level of me to go to, more to understand about myself and my place in the world and a deeper quality of love and Divinity to evolve to. Attending these retreats support me and my family to do just that through the inspiration of Serge Benhayon, his family, my friends and all the students of Universal Medicine. And to put it quite simply its also a lot of fun!








Life Changed When I Met Serge Benhayon

Throughout my life I have always felt that things didn’t quite add up, that there had to be more to it than you are born, you live, you die and that’s it. It seems to me to be a whole lot of effort to put in if that’s all there is.

As a young child I felt very connected to all that was around me, sensitive to what I felt or sensed and knew there was more than only that which I could tangibly touch or experience with my other senses. Life seemed so much grander and more expansive and I loved the feeling of being a part of it all.

Growing older it was like I turned down this ability, as often the harshness of the world was too much to bear and for me it was easier to dull it down with food, sport, studying and being more in my thoughts and less in my feelings. This coping mechanism served me well up to a point, even though I was aware that it wasn’t the answer I invested heavily in it so as to not acknowledge that I was a delicate and fragile soul who knew there was more than meets the eye. In fact I became very good at pretending that life was just what my five senses and my intellect told me, yet the angst and tension of not living what was naturally there as a child gnawed away at me like a termite with a voracious appetite munching through wood.

All the while the tension would surface reminding me that I was so much more than this automaton I had created. To achieve this I would push and drive myself harder at work and in sport, would eat massive volumes of food and drink coffee and alcohol like it was going out of fashion. Yet as time went on it seemed there was nothing I could do to stop that feeling that something wasn’t right, something was missing.

I started to explore this feeling and in this began my quest for answers, for something that would bring relief . . . But everything I tried from yoga to meditation, self-help books and so forth didn’t touch the sides and just left me feeling more lost and furious that the world wasn’t right.

Everything changed when I met Serge Benhayon the founder of Universal Medicine in 2004 at a workshop where he presented about life being all about energy, that we are all more than physical beings and that we are in fact innately Divine. He spoke of things that I knew to be true yet couldn’t quite grasp as first with my mind, but what I felt in my body resonated so strongly I simply had to admit that this was it – And that I had known this all along, that the termite-like gnawing angst was simply a reminder that I wasn’t living true to what I knew.

Through working with Serge Benhayon I have been able to redevelop more of how I was as a child, honouring that I feel very connected to all that is around me, am sensitive to what I feel or sense and know there is more than only that which I can tangibly touch or experience with my other senses.

 Life is so much grander and more expansive and I love the feeling of being a part of it all.


Birth Of A Woman

A few years ago a small group of Brisbane women inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon began meeting approximately every 6 weeks to talk about and raise awareness of women’s health.

These meetings commenced by exploring that despite advances in healthcare and preventive medicine, women’s health was actually worsening, with ever increasing cases of breast lumps, breast cancer, hormonal problems, fibroids, endometriosis, problem periods and fertility issues.

This initial discussion gave rise to an interesting but very exposing concept that women’s health issues may stem from the way we are choosing to live our lives, and how we are as women. But what did that mean, and what did it look like?

Over the following meetings the women started to share how busy our lives were, the pressures we felt to be everything to everyone, how we had become mothers and wives, how we took on more than we could manage, how we felt we had to be strong and tough and how we didn’t have time to care for ourselves as we were too consumed with caring for everyone else.

This paved the way for us to talk about self care, nurturing, our cycles and periods, role models, and so much more about the issues that surround women today.

These topics were shared with hesitation and reservation at first: it took time for some of the women to be comfortable opening up to one another out of fear of judgment or criticism. This, in and of itself, exposed how as women we have been in competition with one another, how we judge ourselves and each other, or carry lack of self worth or self loathing, and how we felt we didn’t fit the ideal of what a perfect woman should be, act, dress and look like.

Over the months that followed the group grew not only in numbers, but in trust, love and support for one another. As the women began to express openly and honestly, a beauty from within began to shine out from the women attending.

Little by little the women started to truly express themselves; this was reflected in the way they dressed, their hairstyles, the way they moved, but most of all by the look in their eyes… which seemed to sparkle with love and a deep tenderness that I had never experienced in such a large group.

I want to say thank you and express my appreciation to all the women in the group who have offered their voice and support and the space for us to be who we are, without reservation, judgment and criticism, or even advice or solutions. These women are strong, delicate, tender and compassionate, come from all walks of life and in many shapes and sizes. And yet they have come together, blossomed and allowed their beauty to shine from the love they feel deep within.

Over the years I feel I have witnessed what I can only describe as the ‘Birth of a Woman’ as I observe these women flourish, grow and allow themselves to be the true women that they are.

And now when I look – and I mean really look – at myself in the mirror, I see that love and deep tenderness in my own eyes. I see a delicate but strong woman gazing back at me… and I know that this is really me.