If you look up the definition of community what stands out for me is this line

a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common”

It is interesting, how we have taken what is so obviously a Universal all-encompassing meaning and used it to create division and separation based on geography, location, likes and dislikes, shared ideals and beliefs, culture, nationality, level of education, gender, age, social and educational background.

If we were to truly look at this definition and feel it in its wholeness we could never do what the above examples clearly demonstrate, which is to apply reductionism to break community into factions that keep us at arms length based on our small picture outer differences rather than our true commonalities.

For me when I read the definition of community and feel it from what I have lived before, my understanding of community is:

Group of people = Humanity
Living in the same place = Earth
Particular characteristic in common = we are Love, we are all Sons of God

So for me community goes beyond the people who I come into contact with or choose to spend and share time with. Community is all-inclusive and is based on the principles of Brotherhood, Oneness and Equality knowing we are one community living in the same place, sharing the same characteristics.


The Cycle of Responsibility

Each day a new dawn, the sun rises and another day begins, yesterday is forgotten, it doesn’t matter how I was, what I did or said as today is a new day and all that occurred yesterday is behind me, somehow taken care of, wiped away by the passage of time while I slept.
But is the slate really wiped clean, have my deeds been erased or is it a convenient way of thinking that creates the appearance that I seemingly move from one day to the next with all I have done now in the past? Or could it be that each day carries forward the past and all I’m actually doing is revolving with the planet, going around in circles repeating cycles of 24 hours where everything in my past is carried with me?

When considering these two viewpoints, one appears to allow me to do and say as I please, never needing to suffer the consequences or deal with my issues because they are in the past and gone. The other would mean that everything has an outcome, a ripple effect and an imprint that I come back to and live day after day.

Nature and Life are cyclical in essence with day and night, the seasons, the orbit of the planets, the water cycle, the carbon and nitrogen cycles; the biochemical metabolic processes of the body like the Kerbs cycle, sleep and circadian rhythms, the menstrual cycle, digestion and elimination, respiration, circulation and life and death. This being the case would it not make more sense that time and thus we too are cyclical and not lineal in nature.

Holding on to the concept that each day is a separate new day and that time is lineal allows us to be irresponsible with how we live, how we are with ourselves and others, how we interact and the things that we do. It allows us to not have to deal with our hurts or emotional issues because they are seen as in the past.
However, if life is cyclical this would mean that the past is not in fact the past but something that is lived in the now until it is resolved, healed and truly let go and that everything we do comes back to us in one shape or form.

This can be seen negatively if we treat ourself and others poorly or as positively if we are caring, considerate, gentle, loving and treat others how we would want to be treated. This cyclical nature to life, under the law of cause and effect or Karma, however would demand of us to live with a higher level of integrity and responsibility, which perhaps for some is too challenging a notion to consider as often we do not like to be held that accountable and hence why we are not open to outcomes in life being due to our own choices. If what happens to us is a result of our deeds and choices coming back to us then we can no longer blame the world for the circumstances of our life.

To keep thinking that each day is gone and no longer a part of our life and that external influences shape events is like stepping out of a messy room that we have created thinking that when we come back in all the mess will have magically disappeared. But as life is cyclical we return to that messy room day after day unless we take responsibility and start to tidy up what we choose to leave behind. This means taking responsibility for our choices and being willing to deal with our unresolved issues and emotional hurts so as to free ourselves from the patterns and habits that seemingly shape who we are.

At the core of the principles presented by Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine is that everything we are, do, say and think and our state of being or energy affects all of life simultaneously and that life is a repeating cycle of 24 hours. That the way we are today sets up the way we are tomorrow and to expand on that the way we are this life influences our next. And hence if this is the case then would it not serve us to be more aware and responsible for our choices and the way we are with others and ourselves.

Taking responsibility is not always easy, it begins with a commitment to be more self- loving, gentle and caring of ourself and our body and thus of others. Being responsible asks us to become more aware of and acknowledge the choices we make and the part that we play in life instead of considering ourselves like a pinball randomly bouncing from one thing to another. It also includes us being honest and willing to deal with our issues, hurts and ways of being that keep us from living with more love and respect for ourself and those around us.

Since choosing to live this way my life has been greatly enhanced, I have a better understanding of how I feel, why I react to certain events or situations and what lies unresolved under the surface that is influencing my choices and behaviours. I feel much more in control of myself and in charge of my life from the way I am with myself, what foods I eat, to my sleep, my relationships, the way I work and how I exercise. I feel I am more understanding and compassionate with myself and others, that I am more patient and better able to cope with life. I would not say life is easier but it is certainly a lot less complicated. As a result of feeling this way I am less stressed, wake up refreshed and full of energy, have lost weight, am fitter and healthier and have got to know who I am.

I am able to stop and reflect on my day, my emotions and behaviours and see what was triggered in me or what lead to certain events or me feeling how I do and work on it instead of blaming circumstances or others. This also applies to when I am feeling amazing or have had a great day. It is like having a mini stocktake and appreciating what is truly helpful and what isn’t then choosing to keep what works and let go of what doesn’t. Living this way has been and is very empowering as I know that in each and every moment I have the ability to choose how I want to be, what I want to do and how to feel.

What I have realised is that our past choices really do create our future so unless we choose to live differently it will simply be a case of history repeating itself day after day and perhaps life after life.

It’s About People


If we want to be successful in life, we need to make life about people. Not money, systems, politics, personal agenda but people. We need to understand people and embrace them for who they are.

Inside we are all the same. We all have hopes and dreams. We all want happiness, security and most of all LOVE.

Every person you meet today is just like you. Every person is unique and amazing and deserves to be treated that way. Some may hide behind intelligence, emotions, hardness or coldness and appear difficult to reach but deep inside every person beats a heart of gold, bursting to connect and express love.

We are all capable of great love.

When you open yourself to people you open yourself to love.

When we make life about people; systems and policies serve the people, not only the company, politicians and money makers.

Life becomes about love. Love that commands honesty, respect and integrity and allows understanding, compassion and deep care for all.

If you embrace people, accept them as they are, see their enormous potential and show genuine interest people feel cared for and understood. People are drawn to you because they feel that you recognise them for who they are. Life becomes richer, more open and full of opportunity.

You can’t pretend to make life about people. You can’t pretend to be open, caring and loving. You need to live it.


Great Expectations scan
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is a day to let go of all expectations. Because nothing ever goes as “planned”.

The people who you think will be “difficult” often aren’t and those things that are normally “straight forward” end up more challenging than they “should” be.

Projecting our expectations taints our experiences. We paint a picture instead of seeing things as they are. We skew reality and bring in complexity.

Life in essence is simple.

Take things as they are and let what will be BE.

Loving Life


Around 9 years ago I drove home one night and could not remember how I’d actually got there. Which is pretty scary stuff when you have gone through traffic lights, made turns across traffic and driven at high speed on the freeway (back then speed limits were for pansies). I pulled up outside my house and sat in my car wondering why if I had everything I had always wanted in my life why deep inside I was so miserable. Nothing was enough, the more I had the more I wanted and needed to fill the void within me.

As I sat in the car reviewing my life and a voice inside said “there has to be more to life than this, surely this isn’t it”. In that moment I felt my whole life come to a complete stop and knew that things needed to change. But what and how? My life was already on paper very successful and ticked all the boxes for what should essentially be a perfect life.

What I came to realise is that the changes needed to come from in me, I had so much unresolved emotional pain, blame, resentment and had a body that was highly strung, tight, tense and very stressed. I was regularly having heart palpitations and could not get through the day without huge amounts of coffee, starchy foods, cheese and a couple of beers to chill out before bed.

I was exhausted, I couldn’t keep living this way. So I dabbled with having acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, kinesiology and a type of NLP but nothing felt right or was able to offer any answers. All I got was short term relief but nothing that actually held or resolved anything.

It was at this time that I first attended a Universal Medicine workshop hosted by an ordinary guy by the name of Serge Benhayon.

What was presented during the day reawakened a part of me that I had not connected to since I was a small child and I simply knew this was the real deal and what I had been looking for, not because of what Serge presented but because of what and how I felt inside.

Today through the connection I re-established with myself and via the presentations and healing modalities of Universal Medicine I have made some profound changes to how I am and some simple changes to how I live and I can truly and honestly say that I am Loving Life…………