There are days when we are full of vitality where we feel amazing and as if we could do anything and others when we feel tired or flat and in need of some downtime. Days where we wish we could lessen the workload, take a break or even have the day off. Oh wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to say I’m not going to work today I’m feeling in need of a rest!

Yet with the pressure of modern life and the responsibility to be at our job, take care of our family etc just dropping everything and taking a day off is not always practical or sensible. But can we be at work or take care of those responsibilities and still respect that we do actually need to take it easier that day?

The days when we wake up tired are the days to prioritise what we need to get done and what we can drop or leave for another day. It’s the day to put off those things that can wait or are purely distractions, time wasters and energy stealers. It is also a day to take the very best care of yourself with how you do things and how you eat.

When you’re feeling run down ask yourself:
Do I really need to spend an hour on social media?
Can those emails wait?
Do I really need to hammer myself with a run or by going hard at the gym?
What can I delegate?
Who can I ask for help and support?
Do I need to make a complicated meal when something simple like an omelette or soup would do?
Would eating fresh rather than processed foods be kinder to my body and energy levels?

Some mornings when I wake up I don’t always feel 100%.
When this happens I look back at how I have been working and living the day and days before to see where I may have pushed too hard, rushed or took on more than I can manage. I check to see where I didn’t give myself what I needed to recover from a heavy work schedule or stress. I also reflect on the food I ate and how I was when I went to bed. In this way I can see how I’ve been living, what has happened and how I have or haven’t supported myself to feel my best or get the good nights sleep I need to be firing on all cylinders.

On these days I take on less, delegate more and postpone what I can to another day. I try not to rush and focus on one thing at a time. I choose food that is easy to digest and gentle on my stomach. I take a nap or rest at lunch time rather than chatting or being on my computer. And most importantly for me, I have a quiet night and go to bed early and as rested as I can.

Often all we need is to acknowledge we are tired and give ourselves permission to take it easier where we can. Why be on the go 24/7 when perhaps 24/6 is the way to go?

Give yourself one day a week where you take it easy, get back to basics and allow yourself the space to just be.