Easy It’s Simple

We wish for life to be easy.

But easy makes you soft.

Easy makes you lazy.

Easy does not encourage growth.

Easy does not ask you to be more.

Easy does not stretch you, push you to the edge and unveil your hidden talents and enormous potential.

Easy allows you to cruise and get stuck in a rut.

Easy offers no challenges.

Easy offers no excitement.

Easy is boring!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not for making life hard or doing it tough. Yes, I want to be stretched, tested, pushed, challenged and excited by life. What I don’t want is unnecessary complication. Life can be challenging but it can also be simple.

In simplicity I find solace and joy. I am able to be who I am and explore what I can be. Simplicity doesn’t mean life becomes easy it simply becomes well more simple. Less complicated. More enjoyable.

Simplicity allows me more space and time to pause, reflect, take stock and assess my priorities.

So many of us spend our days being busy but not productive. Lost in the complexity when it could all be so simple.

Complexity is like following a recipe with endless steps and lots of ingredients that takes hours to prepare when a soup made in 5 minutes would give you adequate nourishment and the same amount of satisfaction. Simplicity would choose the soup every time.

Why live in a way that drains you of energy and takes up your precious time when it needn’t?

Take a look at your life, see what you can change and make it more simple.