I Say “NO!” But Not Always

Recently I have found myself speaking up more and more and saying “NO!” to the things I will no longer tolerate in life. Such as lies, corruption, injustice, bullying, abuse of women, misogyny, violence, the abuse of power and position and so on.

Whilst these issues are very obvious and would cause many people to say “NO!” I have also found myself saying “NO!”to the more subtle things in life.

As I have become more aware of my own tenderness and exquisite beauty I realise that I can no longer afford to let the little things slip because if I do I am tolerating abuse and disharmony on a small scale which then feeds and impacts on those in the grander scheme of life.
The way we want the world around us to be has to start with our own inner environment which for me began with the choice to be more gentle, caring and self loving with myself and then of others.

Through this I have seen that for me to be me there are some things I will never say no to:

I will never say no to honouring myself
I will never say no to speaking the truth
I will never say no to how I feel inside
I will never say no to being all of who I am

AND most of all ……

I will NEVER say NO to LOVE.