The Best Day

I had the best day yesterday at the Universal Medicine end of year talk, concert and dance celebration. The room was full with so much love, laughter, fun and talent and amazing people all under one roof having the time of their life. No alcohol or drugs needed here just people being themselves and having a blast. I danced my butt off (not literally!), clapped, cheered, laughed, cried and sang my heart out.
Thank you to all the great speakers and performers, my family and wonderful friends for providing such a special day. My heart is bursting with love for you all this day and everyday.

I look back at my life and alcohol fuelled nights full of hazy memories, vomiting and hangovers and feel a deep joy at knowing that I can have the best day and days ever without the need to alter who I am in any way shape or form. So a huge shout out to my main man Mr Serge Benhayon and all the awesome, amazing students of The Ancient Wisdom who are choosing to live a life of self-care, love and connection to others.



Wise Up

We claim to be smart, knowledgeable, clever, intelligent.

Yet intelligent people smoke, drink alcohol, consume foods that do not agree with their body, eat too much, and live in a way that brings no vitality or joy to their lives.

If we were truly intelligent we would be wise, listen to our body and make life about love.

Alcohol and School Events A Dangerous Cocktail


Should alcohol be served at primary school events?

At many school fetes these days you will often find a well frequented bar area and stalls raffling bottles of wine with families being asked to contribute by making a donation of one bottle per family. School concerts serve alcohol, school trivia nights are fuelled by cheese and biscuits so that more parents will attend and have a good time.

The bar is seen as a way to generate revenue, get more parents to attend functions and once there to encourage them to stay longer and part with more cash.

But is combing adults drinking with children as young as 5 on school grounds sending mixed messages to our kids?

Personally I find this trend quite disturbing and from doing some background research it appears I am not the only one.

Drinking at discos, fetes, events and sports games on school grounds is concerning a number of parents, who are turning to the Australian Drug Foundation for help. Concerned parents who object to adults being allowed to drink at school events, particularly when young children are present are emailing the ADF to raise awareness of this issue.

The focus of children’s events on school grounds should be the children not alcohol. On one hand adults complain about underage drinking, yet we show children we need a drink when we attend children’s functions at school. If we are serious about reducing pressure on young people to drink, we have to set an example. We have to show our children we can enjoy ourselves without it. Drinking on school grounds undermines the alcohol education programs for young people in schools and sets the wrong tone.

Can you imagine a parent turning up to collect their child after school, glass of wine in hand? There would be a public outcry. But by allowing alcohol at school events we are condoning this exact behaviour that would not be tolerated during normal school hours.

Children are exposed to so much now from earlier and earlier ages, they see enough of adults drinking on a daily basis on TV, at home and even at the local playground where parents crank up the BBQ and crack open a beer while they push their child on the swings.
What sort of role models are we presenting to these impressionable minds?

Research shows it’s best for young people to avoid drinking until 18. To give our young people the best possible start in life, we need to take a look at our own drinking and start setting the example.
Surely our schools should be kept alcohol free environments and be the place that sets the example to our children that we do not need alcohol to socialise and enjoy ourselves.

What do you think? Should alcohol be served at Primary School events?

Should we be calling for a total ban on alcohol at primary school functions?

I for one have been left shaken and stirred.

Loving Life


Around 9 years ago I drove home one night and could not remember how I’d actually got there. Which is pretty scary stuff when you have gone through traffic lights, made turns across traffic and driven at high speed on the freeway (back then speed limits were for pansies). I pulled up outside my house and sat in my car wondering why if I had everything I had always wanted in my life why deep inside I was so miserable. Nothing was enough, the more I had the more I wanted and needed to fill the void within me.

As I sat in the car reviewing my life and a voice inside said “there has to be more to life than this, surely this isn’t it”. In that moment I felt my whole life come to a complete stop and knew that things needed to change. But what and how? My life was already on paper very successful and ticked all the boxes for what should essentially be a perfect life.

What I came to realise is that the changes needed to come from in me, I had so much unresolved emotional pain, blame, resentment and had a body that was highly strung, tight, tense and very stressed. I was regularly having heart palpitations and could not get through the day without huge amounts of coffee, starchy foods, cheese and a couple of beers to chill out before bed.

I was exhausted, I couldn’t keep living this way. So I dabbled with having acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, kinesiology and a type of NLP but nothing felt right or was able to offer any answers. All I got was short term relief but nothing that actually held or resolved anything.

It was at this time that I first attended a Universal Medicine workshop hosted by an ordinary guy by the name of Serge Benhayon.

What was presented during the day reawakened a part of me that I had not connected to since I was a small child and I simply knew this was the real deal and what I had been looking for, not because of what Serge presented but because of what and how I felt inside.

Today through the connection I re-established with myself and via the presentations and healing modalities of Universal Medicine I have made some profound changes to how I am and some simple changes to how I live and I can truly and honestly say that I am Loving Life…………