I love it when your friends look out for you, support you and care for you.
I love it that I am willing to allow them to see that there are times when I am delicate and vulnerable and able to be fragile and accepting of their love.

In the past I would have seen this as weakness, as me saying I couldn’t cope or as a sign of failure. But the more I allow my friends and loved ones to be there for me the more the real me lets go of my guard and the need to show I can manage or don’t need their help.

When we reach out to others we build trust and deepen our connections. Allowing others to support you is a sign of strength and resilience. Learning when to ask for help and when to say hey I need you has brought me enormous growth as a person. It has brought me much closer to the people around me and shown me I am truly loved.

Try it – you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.


Author: Dr Rachel Hall

The Holistic Dentist who Loves Humanity. Life is about people, connection, love and equality. People are suffering and have forgotten they are naturally amazing. By living in a way that is more self-loving, gentle and truthful we can reawaken our capacity for grandness.

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