The Best Day

I had the best day yesterday at the Universal Medicine end of year talk, concert and dance celebration. The room was full with so much love, laughter, fun and talent and amazing people all under one roof having the time of their life. No alcohol or drugs needed here just people being themselves and having a blast. I danced my butt off (not literally!), clapped, cheered, laughed, cried and sang my heart out.
Thank you to all the great speakers and performers, my family and wonderful friends for providing such a special day. My heart is bursting with love for you all this day and everyday.

I look back at my life and alcohol fuelled nights full of hazy memories, vomiting and hangovers and feel a deep joy at knowing that I can have the best day and days ever without the need to alter who I am in any way shape or form. So a huge shout out to my main man Mr Serge Benhayon and all the awesome, amazing students of The Ancient Wisdom who are choosing to live a life of self-care, love and connection to others.


Author: Dr Rachel Hall

The Holistic Dentist who Loves Humanity. Life is about people, connection, love and equality. People are suffering and have forgotten they are naturally amazing. By living in a way that is more self-loving, gentle and truthful we can reawaken our capacity for grandness.

2 thoughts on “The Best Day”

  1. I agree, Rachel. It’s super fun joining with your friends and sharing time with them MINUS the alcohol that is commonly used at so many gatherings. It always reminds me of the get togethers I attended as a child. I now realise it was because no one was worried that someone would get teary, angry, aggressive or out of hand because they were drinking.

    1. Hi Judy, yes its very different going to functions and events when you don’t drink and observing how people change after a few drinks. It is so refreshing to have a good time and let your hair down in a crowd of totally sober people who are uninhibited and full of joy.

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