Where do you live

Let me start by asking you a very easy question:
Where do you live?

Ok hands up everyone who said the name of the city or town they live in or the name of your suburb or your country…. Well you’re not wrong you do live there but stop for a moment and contemplate where do you actually live………

You live in your body.
Your body is with you 24/7 it is your constant home. It goes everywhere with you and is involved in everything you do. Where would you be without it?

But so many of us take our body for granted, feed it the wrong fuel, are rough with it, abuse it, push it beyond its limits, ask more of it than it would naturally give, keep it up late, don’t allow it to rest, keep it on the go and fail to adequately maintain it.

Can you imagine if you treated your car or you house this way? It wouldn’t be long before it was trashed, in need of repairs, replacement parts or it broke down completely.

I know so many people who care for their houses and their cars far better than they take care of their body. Unlike a house or a car the last time I looked you can’t buy a new body so you better take real good care of the one you’ve got. It may not be perfect, you might wish to be taller, slimmer, smarter, faster, whatever but its your body, you’re stuck with it so why not look after it?

Your body keeps the score, everything you live is stored in your body. Your body has a memory and it never forgets.
You are only answerable to YOU. And by you I mean YOUR body.
There is deep wisdom in our bodies, and we must sense into and trust its signals. It is not air fairy mumbo jumbo it is actually good neuroscience.

You are YOUR body and your body communicates with you all the time. No it doesn’t text you, send an email or call you on your mobile phone, yet it is always “talking” to you.

Stop, pay attention and read the signals.

How do you feel?

Check in with the following and how they relate to your situation, lifestyle and foods that you eat:
energy levels
sleep quality and duration
moods and emotional wellbeing
sense of freedom, peace and tranquility
performance and concentration levels
menstrual cycles and libido
digestion, bloating, cramping, wind
level of wellbeing, immunity, hormones, bloodworks
ability to calm down and relax
ability to be at ease with yourself

Get really honest about what your body is telling you. Listen to it, make changes, don’t keep ignoring the signals.

Be gentle and loving with yourself. Care for this vessel of yours. You only get one, after all.

Author: Dr Rachel Hall

The Holistic Dentist who Loves Humanity. Life is about people, connection, love and equality. People are suffering and have forgotten they are naturally amazing. By living in a way that is more self-loving, gentle and truthful we can reawaken our capacity for grandness.

8 thoughts on “Where do you live”

  1. So simple and true, Rachel …. oh how so many overlook where indeed they live 24/7 and how the effects of HOW they live implode on their well being. Thank you for your innate ability to explain the awareness which is generally lacking in our society. In deep admiration and love,

  2. WOW! Beautifully put, Rachel. I answered ‘my home’, so thanks for the timely reminder to take the ‘bestest’ and most ‘lovingest’ care of my real home – my body. I can feel another spot of spring cleaning coming up.

    1. Love it Judy – a spring clean for your body. Perhaps that is something we should reflect on everyday and do a mini spring clean every evening to check in with how we feel and what is supporting of us or not.

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