Is There An App For That?

Is there an app for being amazing?

The app for being amazing resides in our heart.

To install being amazing we need to reboot the heart by opening the app called Love
If Love doesn’t fully install you may need a few other apps first so …
Install Gentleness
Install Self Love
Open Love
Once Love is open establish a connection with Your Soul
Make sure you regularly upgrade your Love app to get the deeper version
Upgrade awareness
Reboot feeling
Install following the heart
Reconnect expressing truth and love
Being amazing is now installed

Author: Dr Rachel Hall

The Holistic Dentist who Loves Humanity. Life is about people, connection, love and equality. People are suffering and have forgotten they are naturally amazing. By living in a way that is more self-loving, gentle and truthful we can reawaken our capacity for grandness.

8 thoughts on “Is There An App For That?”

  1. LOVE this, Rachel.
    What a fun way to describe what is there waiting for every person to rediscover is inside their hearts. How amazing it is to be once this app is installed. I highly recommend it!

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