Loving Life


Around 9 years ago I drove home one night and could not remember how I’d actually got there. Which is pretty scary stuff when you have gone through traffic lights, made turns across traffic and driven at high speed on the freeway (back then speed limits were for pansies). I pulled up outside my house and sat in my car wondering why if I had everything I had always wanted in my life why deep inside I was so miserable. Nothing was enough, the more I had the more I wanted and needed to fill the void within me.

As I sat in the car reviewing my life and a voice inside said “there has to be more to life than this, surely this isn’t it”. In that moment I felt my whole life come to a complete stop and knew that things needed to change. But what and how? My life was already on paper very successful and ticked all the boxes for what should essentially be a perfect life.

What I came to realise is that the changes needed to come from in me, I had so much unresolved emotional pain, blame, resentment and had a body that was highly strung, tight, tense and very stressed. I was regularly having heart palpitations and could not get through the day without huge amounts of coffee, starchy foods, cheese and a couple of beers to chill out before bed.

I was exhausted, I couldn’t keep living this way. So I dabbled with having acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, kinesiology and a type of NLP but nothing felt right or was able to offer any answers. All I got was short term relief but nothing that actually held or resolved anything.

It was at this time that I first attended a Universal Medicine workshop hosted by an ordinary guy by the name of Serge Benhayon.

What was presented during the day reawakened a part of me that I had not connected to since I was a small child and I simply knew this was the real deal and what I had been looking for, not because of what Serge presented but because of what and how I felt inside.

Today through the connection I re-established with myself and via the presentations and healing modalities of Universal Medicine I have made some profound changes to how I am and some simple changes to how I live and I can truly and honestly say that I am Loving Life…………

Author: Dr Rachel Hall

The Holistic Dentist who Loves Humanity. Life is about people, connection, love and equality. People are suffering and have forgotten they are naturally amazing. By living in a way that is more self-loving, gentle and truthful we can reawaken our capacity for grandness.

12 thoughts on “Loving Life”

  1. I felt the same too, just plodding along in life, until I really asked myself what is the truth? How can this be all there is? Surely there is more to us (humans) than this. Everyone wants love. I want love. So why is the world in the state it’s in and getting worse?… A few months later I heard Serge on the radio and I thought “Finally! Someone talking sense!…

  2. It certainly is joyous when you discover that the rest of your life doesn’t have to be more of the same. I too have chosen to tweak my way of caring for myself and have made some simple changes that have improved the quality of my life exponentially.

  3. I relate to all of the above …. isn’t it amazing that in the end it is the simplest of changes that we make that have the most profound effect on the way that we live our everyday lives? Applying consistency, commitment and loving discipline to our choices is the key to a plentitude of joy and an increasingly richer experience of life.

  4. I too felt the “finally” feeling when I first read serge book and knew it was from truth – the joy was insurmountable and still is – no matter what else happens this is rock solid for me

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